The school must be notified immediately in the case of any infectious illness.

A pupil who shows signs of illness should be kept at home.

A child who is too sick to play with his peers or go outside during break times should not be in school.

Situations do arise however, when a child appears well in the morning and then gets sick during the day. Parents/guardians will be contacted and will be requested to collect their child as soon as possible.

It is very important that the school have at least three contact numbers in respect of each pupil lest an emergency should arise.

Parents, please inform us of any change in contact numbers. If your mobile number is changed for any reason, please contact the school immediately.

If the school is unable to make contact with the parents or other contact persons, a decision will be made as to whether the child needs medical assistance/hospital attendance.

If not needing medical assistance/hospital attendance the child will be made as comfortable as possible until a parent/guardian is contacted.

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