• Homework is assigned Monday to Thursday with the children being excused homework on weekends provided that their work has been conscientiously and satisfactorily done on the other nights.
  • Suggested timeframe for homework:
    a) Infants: 10 – 15 mins.
    b) 1st/ 2nd: 20 – 30 mins
    c) 3rd/4th:  30 – 45 mins
    d) 5th/6th: 45 mins -1 hour.
  • If homework is not done a note to the teacher should be written in the homework notebook.
  • It may take your child longer than the suggested time for a child of his/her age. This could be because he/she is not concentrating or may find the work too difficult. If it’s the latter, please discuss the issue with your child’s teacher. He/she can be assigned homework more suited to their ability.

Please Note: It is important that your child has somewhere quiet to study away from noise and distraction – a busy kitchen or a room near a television are not recommended! Some parents recommend that homework be tackled immediately after school if possible.

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