Please explain all absences in writing
Under the Education Welfare Act 2002 the school is obliged to inform the National Education Welfare Board (NEWB) of all absences exceeding 20 days during the academic year. This involves the documenting of the reasons given for all absences. Parents must therefore inform the school in writing the reason for their child’s absence from school.
We ask parents to send a note via the child (use Homework Diary) on their return to school after an absence. When parents use the absence slips in the Homework Diaries or send a note via their child, it avoids the disruption and inconvenience caused when parents phone in the message or call in to tell the teacher in person.
Pupils are expected to attend school every day and should not be absent without a valid reason. Absences from school from school may result in children falling behind academically and socially.
However pupils who are genuinely ill should not be sent to school as they usually need to be sent home which causes distress to the sick pupil, distraction for other pupils and disruption to class time.

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