Cork City Marathon Relay Teams Fundraiser





Have you made a new year’s resolution to get fit or maybe you are already a runner and have been looking for an event to enter. If either of these applies to you then the Parents Association would love you to become involved in our exciting new fundraiser.  We are organising relay teams to run the Cork City Marathon on Sunday 3rd June to raise some much needed funds for the school.




The Cork City Marathon has a category for relay teams to complete the marathon course. Each team can be made up of between 2 and 5 members.  The marathon is divided into 5 legs:


Leg 1:    7.6km

Leg 2:    8.8km

Leg 3:    9.3km

Leg 4:    9.2km

Leg 5      7.4km


So you can run, walk, crawl, skip at whatever pace you want. The minimum distance is 7.4km but if anyone wants to do a longer run then they can cover 2 or more legs.




You may already be training as a runner and want to continue with that and then join us for the marathon day. If you have never run or you would like to improve your running we are teaming up with Grange Fermoy Athletic Club, who are starting their fantastic couch to 5km group next Tuesday at 7pm in St Colman’s Pitch.  They cater for all levels of fitness and it is open to everyone.  For more information on this see the Grange Fermoy AC facebook page.


We will also share training programmes and there is the option for the group or members of the group to organise to meet up for runs if that’s what people want to do.


And you don’t need to run, if you want to walk your leg of the marathon that would be fantastic too.


If you had already planned to run the individual marathon or the half marathon at Cork City Marathon and would like to do that and join in the fundraising efforts then we would love to hear from you.




We will set up a single online fundraising page for the team and everyone in the school can share this with friends, family, work colleagues etc to sponsor. Paper sponsor cards will also be available if anyone would prefer to use them.  We are also going to sell sponsorship space on our t-shirts for any companies or businesses who would like to support our efforts.




The relay teams are not just open to parents or staff of the school. If there are any members of your family, friends or past pupils/parents of the school who would like to run and help us raise money then we would welcome all volunteers.


We need to enter the teams and begin the organisation of the marathon. As well as the numbers of participants, we also need to know how many runners or walkers we will have.  You can change from being a walker to a runner or vice versa but if we could know initially what you are aiming for it will help us organise the teams to try and suit everyone.   So if you or anybody you know is interested in signing up can you:


Text:      Sharon O’Connell on 083 8463775             or            Fiona Crispie 08668038643


or email with the following information for EACH participant:




Contact email & number:


Distance you would like to aim for (or a particular leg(s) of the race you would prefer):


Whether you would like to aim to walk or run:


We will be submitting the entries for the team next week (16th February) so contact us to secure your place.


More information on the marathon can be found at


If you would like to send this information to anyone a copy of this note will also be available on the school website




We are a healthy promoting school so we will be using the event to promote healthy activity and fitness with the children and hope to arrange some exciting activities to get them involved and interested.



A huge THANK YOU to all the parents, children, Ursula and Ms Reidy who turned out last Saturday to help with the works to our playground.  We managed to make and install 9 raised beds and the field and front areas of the school were all strimmed back and now look great.  Although there was lots of hard work done, it was a lovely afternoon and the children really enjoyed getting involved in improving their school (and also the wheelbarrow rides given by the Dads).  The quote of the day from one of them was “This is better than watching telly”


This Saturday we are filling the raised beds with topsoil so they will be ready for planting by the children next week.   They will be growing flowers and vegetables and learning how to look after them.  Two of the raised beds will be left with just soil for play.  Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered so far to help on Saturday.


As part of the playground improvements we will also see new playground markings installed in the next 2/3 weeks.  These markings will include 3 x hopscotch, an adventure trail and a compass.  We will post some pictures once they are in.  We are also awaiting delivery of 3 benches which will go in between the raised beds, these are made of recycled plastic and are maintenance free.


The plan for the next phase of improvements is to create an outdoor classroom in the area to the side of the school.  This will be a comfortable and enjoyable place for the children to take their learning outdoors in fine weather.  We will keep you posted about this.

PADDY Mc Shamrock

PADDY Mc Shamrock is a fundraising opportunity for Grange Ns to fundraise for benches for the school yard for pupils. This fundraiser is very easy to take part in. Just put your name down on your pupils Order Card, you can order as many as you like for grandparents, family and friends.
All sponsorship cards and monies to be returned to the school by Monday 27th February
Fresh Shamrock will be delivered to your School on Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th of March
Once you receive your Shamrock please advise your children to keep them in the fridge until they want to wear them. We appreciate your continual support with fundraising for school needs.

Grange for HOPE

Grange National School helped to fundraise with past pupil Alison Flynn for The Hope Foundation. Alison is hoping to travel to Kolkata, in India next March, as part of the HOPE Foundation Immersion Programme. Transition Year Students from Ireland travel for one week to see at first hand the work the Hope Foundation is doing in Kolkata.
HOPE works with the street and slum children of Kolkata (Calcutta), it funds over 60 projects in education, healthcare, shelter, vocational training, child protection and drugs rehabilitation.

Thank you to all the pupils and families who supported our Non Uniform Day to raise € 370.00 for Hope.