Historical Information

Due to the building of the Fermoy/Mallow railway line the road that passed directly at the back of the school was closed and subsequently a cow-house was built against the school wall.

A report from James MacLochin, District Inspector on May 14th 1863 states: “school room and premises in order. I am of the opinion that the cow-shed erected against the building should be removed, interfering as it does with the ventilation of the school. Soon.”

John C. Sheehan, Head Inspector, reported in April 1863, “I regard the cow house which has been erected against the wall of the schoolhouse as not only a very unsightly appendage, but also as a very objectionable one, as the effluvium from it escapes into the schoolroom through the ventilation under the flooring and renders the air very impure and unpleasant in the schoolroom. I found it very much so today, although the teacher, from being accustomed to it perhaps, did not perceive it. “

In March 1897, Inspector Louis S. Daly reports, “The house is a poor structure and is badly lighted and ventilated” and in 1898, “The school and furniture are both unsuitable, ceiling broken.”

G.C. Coyne, District Inspector, reported on March 4th 1902, “The existing house is unsuitable for educational purposes.”

Senior Inspector D. Alexander reports in 1903, “Owing to the want of proper school accommodation the teachers have to do their work under considerable difficulties. Nevertheless, they have, by unremitting zeal and energy conducted the school with due efficiency during the past year.”

On June 12th 1907, A. B. Gloster reports, “The present schoolhouse is now a mere hovel and very much overcrowded, its equipment antiquated and altogether unsatisfactory.”

On September 1st 1909, Inspector A.B. Gloster reported, “I can confirm that the building of the new schools will be preceded with very soon.”

Resource: A Glimpse of Grange by Christy Roche (Past Pupil)

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